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Peablossom pre-orders available now

I’m so excited. This is the first time I’ve ever done a pre-order for a specific colorway. Peablossom was born out of a collaboration with me and Darci Kern from Darci Does It. Darci reached out to me in January about creating a one of a kind colorway for her Fiber in Color series. As an influencer in the fiber community this is a way for her to increase awareness of BIPOC indie dyers.

We hit it off immediately and because our first meeting was on January 6th 2021, we will always have the memory of the Capitol insurrection to bond us. During our conversation we discussed a spring theme. With the thought of crocus or daffodils popping up signaling the beginning of a new season. Darci is also a speckle fiend and I’m known to like a speckle or two as well. Peablossom is a perfect conglomeration of both of our thoughts. 

I love the colorway and hope you will too. I am offering it on several different bases and weights so you have a variety of choices to pick from. You can find them in the PRE-ORDER section on the website. Be sure to order yours today!

Pre-orders will begin to ship late March/early April.

Thank you all for being such wonderful customers, you have truly made this small business journey worthwhile.