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Smurftastic Collection (Quarterly Collection)
Smurftastic Collection (Quarterly Collection)

Smurftastic Collection (Quarterly Collection)

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The fourth and final set in the I Love the 80s Cartoon Subscription Club, features those little blue dynamos the Smurfs in the Smurftastic collection. The Smurfs are small but mighty and always show that anything can be done if you have your friends by your side.

Pre-orders - November 1st - 15th

Shipping Time Frame - mid-December

You can choose from the below (or all three) options:

  • 5 - Full (100g) Skein Sets
  • 5 - Half (50g) Skein Sets
  • 1 - Sock Set – 1 (100g) skein + Complementary Mini Skein(s)

There is also an option for stellina, for that extra sparkle, or non-stellina base. Each set will come with specialty handcrafted stitch markers and/or other fiber related notions.